Mishipesu: Myth or Monster?

            Many regions around the world have folklore consisting of monsters and dragons. Loch Ness has Nessie, the Himalayas have the Yeti, North America have Sasquatch, and Central America have the chupacabra. What many people do not know, however, is that the Great Lakes region have their own legend of a monster. The residents call the beast “Mishipeshu.”            According to the native Objibwe tribe, Mishipeshu, the “Great Lynx of Lake Superior”, embodies the might and wonder of Lake Superior. Many native American groups surrounding the area had legends of the Mishpeshu, as all native groups stemmed from the Anishinaabe; but none of … Continue reading Mishipesu: Myth or Monster?

The Invisible Threat in Today’s Church

            An epidemic has hit the churches of America: over 60% of teens are leaving the church by their mid-twenties. It is as if an invisible threat is attacking and winning against the church teens of America. Many people have tried to put their “thumb” on the problem and solve it, but nobody seems to have cured the epidemic. Many have turned to making compromises in the church (drum sets, rock-and-roll, strobe lights, etc.) to bring in the youth, yet all of these techniques have had no effect on this epidemic. This leads all to one major question: what is the … Continue reading The Invisible Threat in Today’s Church