What is MCR?

 MCR has a goal to study the geological and archaeological evidence for the Global Flood in Michigan and the surrounding states of the Great Lakes region. We encourage each other to build a more probable model of the geological history of Michigan than secular studies provide. We do this by holding God’s infallible Word above man’s fallible theories. In holding to the truth of the Global Flood described in Genesis, we can build models and hopefully predict how the Great Lakes region was formed.

 MCR’s Three People Groups to Minister

At Michigan Creation Research, we realize that there are three main people groups that are essential for the health and continual growth of the Church. Our goal is create ways to outreach to each of the following people groups:

            A). The Youth: We realize that there is a great exodus from the church by the youth. We believe that the cause is the undermining of God’s Word in our culture. We wish to create material and build curriculum to equip the young people in the truth of the Holy Scriptures and to know how to properly defend God’s Word from secular attacks.

            B). The Believers: Some believers in the church today hold to the truths of the Bible, but fail to realize how important Genesis is. This leads to many compromises in the church: the Gap Theory, Day-Age Theory, Theistic Evolution, etc. We wish to help the believers to grow in Christ and to provide material to strengthen their faith in the Word of God.

            C). The Unbeliever: Christ gave the church its first command in Acts 1:8. We are to reach to the uttermost parts of the Earth. At MCR, we would like to help fulfill this command by providing the unbeliever material to read on the validity of the Scriptures and the Creation Account. There are so many people in the world today that have a close-minded approach to God’s Word because they are taught that there is no evidence of Christianity. If we provide evidence, we may be able to open their mind.

 How to Do We Plan to Outreach to These Groups?

            A). The Website: We are currently working on building our website so it can have the full potential of reaching more people. As of now, the website is small and only has a few articles. We are currently working on creating more content and making the website easier to navigate. It will have information for the youth, the believers and the unbelievers to read. 

            B). YouTube Channel: YouTube has the greatest potential to reach the youth as polls show that approximately 85% of the US youth use YouTube. We are currently working on making content for the channel. The content will include a series on Great Lakes Archaeology and Geology, a vlog for future research trips, and informational videos on the Creation account and the Global Flood. Currently, we only have two videos uploaded to the channel. You can find the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1e0Gk8dc1rUfUMUoXj6PVA

            C). Podcast: The podcast we are looking to create will be similar in nature to our YouTube channel but will be aimed directly at providing information on the Creation Account. We are still in the developing stages of the podcast. Currently, we are looking at several ways to accomplish this and we would like to ask for your prayers in making the right decision.

            D). Research Trips: Our goal at MCR is to provide evidence of the Global Flood from the Great Lakes regions. The greatest tool for us to accomplish this is research trips. Currently, we do one research trip a year to a destination in the Great Lakes region. This year, we are planning a trip to the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan to study the geology of the area.

            E). Museum: We have a vision of starting a museum in Northern Michigan dedicated to show the accounts in the book of Genesis on display. The museum would help show the creation account in detail and show the different geological processes that happened in the Global Flood. We are not sure when this vision will become a reality, but we pray that God will allow it to be in the near future.

How Can You Help?

            There are many ways you can help

            A). Subscribe and hit the notification bell for the YouTube Channel

            B). Stay updated with MCR and sign up for the monthly newsletter

            C). Most Importantly, Pray! Pray that God will guide us in the right direction so we can make the correct choices to grow MCR. There are many exciting new developments coming soon to MCR and we can’t wait to see more exciting plans God has for us in the future.